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Business, Resources & Technology Challenges

Organisations and entrepreneurs are seeking opportunities to optimise their businesses, rationalise and mitigate risks over new investments and growth strategies, improve quality standards, enhance stakeholder relations, increase workforce commitment and business effectiveness and achieve higher appreciation in the event of cashing out, merger or consolidation. 

While Financial Services have streamlined and rationalised many channels of investment; Funds, Corporate and Individual investors, alike, are strutting upon investment opportunities and private equity partnerships. The challenges and risks facing private equity investors are daunting and diversified. The thorough due diligence and understanding of the business model, strategies, technology and human resources are keys to conclude an equity and/ or investment deal.

Valuation is the starting point of any merger, cash out, buyout, growth or restructuring decision. Private & Family Businesses are seeking diversification, recap or exiting. Public firms are pursuing a privatisation path on many accounts. All are pursuing strategies and means to help develop,  valuate and monetize the business towards highest and fairest returns possible.

Community, market and competitive changes imply continuous improvement of the services model. This includes several strategic initiatives on financial, governance, human resources and customer services, partners and products levels. Change management is key to maximise the buy-in of all stakeholders. Organisations can no longer afford trial and error when it comes to immediate impact on the bottom line. A joint study of the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and Georgia State University found that the best-governed companies, as measured by ISSí corporate governance quotient, had seen returns on investment and equity that were 18.7% and 23.8% higher, respectively, than those of poorly governed companies for the year reviewed. Selection of a governance implementation and change manager is prudent to secure time, resources and market share are not lost.  

Given the expertise that we have in industries, markets, investment instruments and under laying legal, financial, human resources and information technology, CONTEGRA provide end to end seamlessly integrated services on outsourcing, time and material as well as performance basis to help investors and developers achieve their vision.   

The framework of our services is driven by customer requirements to provide a conception-to-delivery class of services. Consulting, Integration and Change Management are the final ingredients that work together to meet customer transformation success criteria. The following section highlights some of the features available at our services offerings. 


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    CONTEGRA Services Family

     Valuation, Cash Out or Merger & Acquisition (seed, start up, emerging, maturity, pre-public), namely; Investment Governance, Investment Strategy, Management System and Transaction Support, including business, financial, legal, technology and human resource due diligence, methods to minimize risks, valuation, negotiations and agreement terms and conditions, Integration and/ or Business & Performance Development Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Private Placement and Initial Public Offering preparedness.

   Organisation Restructure and Development, namely; Corporate Governance model design & deployment (bylaws, policies, standards, controls and processes), Business Development including foundation of mission, vision, strategy, capacity model and business plans, Management System development (through integration of balanced scorecard, merit pay policy and online dashboard) and Change Management (human resource strategies, operation optimisation, integrated marketing, sales & delivery channels and partner value chain) .

     Performance Improvement, namely; Assessment of Market Trends and Customer Needs,   Competitor Positioning Strengths & Weaknesses,  Internal Capabilities,  Synergy with Corporate Priorities,   Product innovation,  Process re-engineering, Internal Control and Reporting, Risk self assessment, Quality assurance & control and Business consolidation.

    Project, Program and Portfolio Management, namely; Management Services to optimise short term projects, long term management of set of projects and services of shared strategy or vision also known as program management and business management of a view of Programs, Projects and Services with the aim to closely monitor relations towards achieving business goals which normally involves a pipeline management.

    Information Technology (IT), namely: Business Information Strategy & Architecture including CobIT standards, Infrastructure Optimisation, Business Automation (mobile workforce, workflow automation, enterprise resource planning (ERP), supplier relation management (SRM), customer relation management (CRM), geographical information systems (GIS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Asset Tracking & Inventory Control and several others), IT Security including ISO 17799,    IT Governance including (bylaws, policies, standards, controls and processes) and Design and Delivery of shared IT services (call centre, help desk, software distribution, managed backup, single sign on, and many more).