Client Situation

The Warehouses are operated manually. Operators are unable to get correct and up-to-date information and commit over logistics and delivery. There is a growth demand at storage and it seems that there is inefficient space left. The operators face difficulty in locating goods, due to misplacement and inaccurate location information. At times there are loss or stored items.! On top, there are losses of expired goods as a result of inability to comply with  with (First In First Out) FIFO policy in warehouse management

Client Needs

The Client asked for a simple, easy and fast solution so that the warehouses are managed more effectively and efficiently and that the labour force are no longer frustrated to having an increased volume of business at the same chaotic level of operations.

The Client asked for a solution that can provide a return on investment in less than a year while capability to scale and cover other Asset Tracking business requirements. The Client insisted on having a solution that does not generate requirements for additional workforce but rather provide career growth to existing work force as well as minimise human data entry to avoid typos and re-do's.






    Case Scenario:

    RFID Warehouse Management

    Information Technology Services

     CONTEGRA Services Team offered the utilisation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as the means to tag and track items, boxes and pallets. Unlike Bar Coding, the RFID offered out of sight recognition, identification and tracking. As an option, fixed RFID tags can also be placed at designated warehouse locations, which enables the location details to be quickly obtained by using the mobile reader to read those tags. The RFID desktop and mobile readers shall be used for reading (scanning) and writing of the RFID tags. They shall be used by the warehouse staff for the warehouse operations. Although barcodes are not proposed to be used, the mobile readers can also read barcodes for backward compatibility if need be. The readers and the RFID tags shall communicate using the UHF band of 915 Mhz. The workflow automated by  CONTEGRA Services Team covered the Receiving Put Away Stock Check Issuing and Picking System Administration   Audit Trail and Reporting

 .    Methodology

      Value Delivered

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