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Client Situation

The Client had several projects running in parallel. There was no framework in place to help optimise overall resources, minimise redo's and accelerate development of workforce skills through shared experiences.  

Contrary to a Process, a Project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to deliver a specific product or service. A Program, however, is a long term endeavor to implement a strategy and meet business goals. Programs normally involve a set of projects and business processes. A Portfolio is created of a set of projects, programs and processes that share a common business vision.

Client Needs

It should be recognized that projects do not exist in isolation. All projects are building blocks in support of meeting an overall strategic or operational endeavor. The hierarchical grouping of these projects, the dependencies between projects and the supplying organizations, help define the framework and scope for the program. The management of all of these projects to achieve the overall strategic or operational objectives defines the framework and scope of its program management.

To secure that Strategies are smartly realised, the Client asked us to set up a Program and Portfolio Governance including Policies, Controls, Responsibilities, Processes as well as Lead Indicators and impact on Business Indicators. The Client also asked for a 6 months Operate and Transfer so that Client Resources gain the experience necessary to run the business on a stand alone basis.   

A program is not one large or complex project nor merely the summation of a group of projects and services. A program is an approach to the implementation of a business vision or strategy. It is implemented by utilizing multiple projects and/or services. It requires a set of management techniques and tools that addresses the interrelationship of the individual projects and the management requirements that are necessary due to the multiplicity of suppliers. These must also provide sufficient control to accomplish the business objectives.

A “holistic” management thought process is essential to successfully implement program management. Holistic management thought process means that the manager must recognize and take into account all the relationships between all the projects in a program (direct dependencies, indirect dependencies, common processes, etc.) and make decisions that are in the best interest of the overall program strategy even if they are detrimental to any specific project. or favor one project over the other.






    Case Scenario:

   Portfolio, Program & Project Management

    Portfolio, Program and Project Management Services

     CONTEGRA  structure, tools and methodology provide efficiency in delivering a system approach. However it is only due to the combined Services team expertise in industry, business, project and risk management that the total delivery exceeded the expectations.


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