Client Situation

The Bank is working on several challenges to elevate Standards & Policies, ensure strong Regulatory is in place and optimize on the several services provided to its customers. In a world of global economy and with the deadlines to meet WTO requirements, accelerated realization of competitive banking policies, differentiating strategies and development of intellectual and social capacities to sustain a continuous leadership emerge as must-win battles.

Client Needs

The Bank needs to diversify its portfolio of financial, intellectual and social capitalsí investments, The Bank wants to transform its structure, operations and products through a world class governance model, merit based performance management system, and to develop a highly motivated workforce.  Management Dash Board should be made available to monitor business performance on frequent and set cycle.



    Case Scenario:

    Organisation Development

    Organisation Restructure and Development Services

     CONTEGRA Services Team aims to work as a transformation catalyst and advisor to the Organisation. Having in-house business expertise as well as access to faculty members at regional universities and access to international partners; ensures sense of urgency to respond to specific industry needs. The capacity to filter expertise to specific demands and bring effectiveness into the transformation programs and initiatives assures quality and optimal delivery of deliverables.


      Value Delivered

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