Client Situation

The client is after a leap growth through merger and acquisition of value chain or same category of business.   Instead of investing in limited treasury bills or risk prone securities; the client believes that it would make more sense to achieve higher yield by investing directly in private equity rather than through a fund manager or a security trader.

Client Needs

The Government decided to explore and effect all possible means to maximise the net worth of the owned firms before pursuing sales transactions. Some public firms are profitable while others are not. Some public firms have reached maturity stage while others are still in emerging stage.  The Government asked us to support in evaluating selected set of public firms, mapping potential exit strategies, means to maximising the returns and protect the continuity of employees welfare and social responsibilities.     





    Case Scenario:

    Merger & Acquisition

    Valuation, Merger, Acquisition and Cash Out Services

     CONTEGRA Services Team trough its expertise, methodologies and tools, can build a framework to accelerate the realization of valuation, merger or acquisition synergies. This includes the setup of an investment and development governance model within the acquiring firm. It also includes the coaching and mentor the individuals to pursue follow on M&A deals on their own. The know how transfer expands to cover the business development techniques as well as cash out or exiting strategies.


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