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Client Situation

The Client wanted its Marketing Division to  maximize shareholders value by creating long- run cash flows on which the future of the business is based. Relationship Marketing, Brands, Segmentation, Positioning and Technology generate value only through their effect on the cash flows level, timing, durability and the risk associated.  

The debate is not whether to review marketing effectiveness in the board meeting, but to what marketing measures to capture and improve.  

Client Needs

The Client asked to setup a complete Governance model for the Marketing Division and to seamlessly interlock with the organisation Governance model. During the deployment of change, the Customer asked to  develop its incumbent resources skills and experience through self studies, classrooms, mentoring and coaching. The Customer also picked on a Marketing Campaign and asked for the latest and most effective communication and technology strategies put together.  

The Campaign channels should span beyond traditional techniques such as  print advertisement, brochures, flyers, web advertisement, mail shots, press releases and media commercials. The Customer touch points should also be able to measure the penetration level achieved and customer impression.





   Case Scenario:

   Integrated Marketing Planning & Delivery

    Marketing & Campaign Projection Services

     CONTEGRA  Marketing, Creative Designer and Engineers have come together to materialize and apply a new concept in the advertising market. This new concept is to exploit the state-of-the-art projection technologies, utilize the most innovative ways of promotion, in an environment friendly way, and comply with the specific demands of each client.

     The new Projection capability should innovate light in order to achieve advertising benefits. The unique deliverable comprises a “lighting” advertising method that delivers images of high resolution with the help of large scale projectors for Events, Architecture, ArtVertising/ Advertising and Interiors.

      Projection Methodology

      Value Delivered