Client Situation

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department wants to reduce costs and transform its business model to create a flawless automated service and citizen-friendly multi channel interface for driver and vehicle license management, renewals, fines and payments. The Department wants to have effective and efficient service on the counter in front of customers as well as to open new channels for 24 x 7 customer access and choice by delivering an efficient, cost-effective online service model designed, implemented and engineered from the customer’s perspective and based on best practice applied in the region

Client Needs

The License Management Department would like to re-visit and modernise Traffic Laws, Governance Policies and Services Processes. The Department would like to automate all the Services and enable citizen and drivers interacting on 24 hour basis all over the days of the year. The transformation must be done in a balanced way and human capacity must be developed in parallel .     





    Case Scenario:


    Information Technology Services

    CONTEGRA Services Team offer the reshaping of current traffic laws, governance bylaws, policies and services processes, the development of the service strategy and technical delivery of the license management system. CONTEGRA consultants are to work in partnership with Department staff to build the entire solution. With the new system, customers are expected to get faster service at the counter, can go online or use a new automated phone system at any time, simply entering minimal details about their vehicle, and paying for their new license or making “statutory off road notifications.” Furthermore, integration with insurer, and planned integration with the Customs system, will help ensure speedy renewals without sacrificing necessary legal and fraud checks -- these checks will be made automatically and a new license sent same hour.   


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