Client Situation

After decades of running a prosperous and growing business, the founder seeks retirement. The founder's first choice was to  pass the baton and organisation leadership to the second generation and keep the business within the family. The second generation, however, have had other vision for the future and declined to take the responsibility to lead on the family business. 

Client Needs

The founder decided to maximise the returns of the investment made through the years in setting up a successful brand, a profitable business and a loyal network of customers, partners, suppliers and employees.  The founder asked us to support in exploring potential exit strategies, means to maximising the returns and protect the continuity of brand image, employees welfare and social responsibilities.     





    Case Scenario:

    Cashing out on a Family Business

    Valuation, Merger, Acquisition and Cash Out Services

      CONTEGRA Services Team ran a due diligence on the company business model, governance, legal and human resources. The services included the development of a Discounted Cash Flow model of the company earnings and credible projection. During the process, the Services Team was able to identify various improvement areas. The deployment of which should impact the bottom line of the immediate fiscal year and accordingly can influence the Discounted Cash Flow valuation to a higher level.

     Several workshops conducted with the Founder and his Top Executives evaluated the spin off through Private Placement and Initial Public Offering. Workshops elaborated on the quick-wins areas of improvements. The workshops which ran in complete transparency resulted in agreement on the exit strategy to pursue, the ownership and timeline to work on the quick-win improvement areas as well as the communication strategy to deploy both internally and externally.   


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